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Purchasing a kitchen sink can be an expensive undertaking. It’s not surprising that every manufacturer claims to offer the best. If it’s time to renovate your kitchen, or you simply need a new sink, you’ll want to be certain that you’re spending your money on the right brand. Topmount Sink

Best Kitchen Sink Brands Of September 2023 – Forbes Home

Many sink suppliers have been in business for over 100 years. Many more are relative newcomers. How do you know if older and wiser is better, or if newer and more innovative will meet your needs best?

We’ve taken a hard look at the top competitors in the industry and put together this list of the 10 best kitchen sink brands. We’ve also included important factors to think about to help take the mystery out of choosing which one is right for you.

We developed our list of the best kitchen faucet brands by first identifying competitors that met basic criteria. Then, the team reviewed 19 of the most widely available faucet brands from that list and scored them all based on over a dozen different attributes. We further pared our list down to the top kitchen faucet brands. Our ratings take into account factors like sink material options, lowest and highest priced models, sink installation options, warranty, sink configuration options and BBB grade and accreditation. All ratings are determined solely by our editorial team.

Why you can trust Forbes Home: The Forbes Home team is committed to bringing you independent, unbiased ratings and information. We use data and expert advice to inform all of our content. Plus, our advisory board of licensed professionals fact-checks and reviews our content for accuracy and relevancy.

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Price, variety and style define our first place kitchen sink maker. Houzer builds high-quality sinks to accommodate nearly any budget. No matter the price point, their stainless steel sinks all use 300 series stainless material and their porcelain sinks use a manufacturing process that’s all their own.

Holding an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau, Houser’s quality commitment extends to their lifetime warranty on almost every product they offer. Their Porcela porcelain series carries 10-year coverage.

Offerings include everything from stainless steel to fireclay, stone, cast iron and more. Truly unique styles of Houser’s include their hammered copper designs, and dual-ledge sinks that provide additional workspace without the need to sacrifice counter space. Their products can be found at most home improvement retailers.

Elkay has been making kitchen sinks since 1920. They’re number two on our list, and for good reason. They manufacture sinks with materials that include copper, quartz, fireclay and ceramic, but their stainless steel offerings are the best selling stainless sinks in America. Some Elkay products carry a lifetime warranty, while other ones can be as short as a year.

The BBB gives them an A+ rating and ReviewMeta gives them 4.3 out of 5 stars. Their quality standards are so high, that even their $50 model on Amazon is built from 300 series stainless steel, made in the USA and includes sound insulation usually reserved for more expensive models.

Elkay products are available almost anywhere that kitchen sinks are sold, and are available in undermount, top mount and farmhouse styles.

MR Direct takes third spot. They’re another manufacturer that uses only high-quality materials even in their lowest-priced products. That high level of quality is consistent throughout their kitchen sink lineup and carries over to their accessory lines as well.

MR Direct makes finding their products easy. They’re available at many retailers, or you can locate and purchase whatever you need from them right from their website. Manufacturer sale pricing is often available on select models. A blog and a chat feature on the site can help you get answers fast.

MR Direct proudly offers a line of 14 models designed for undermount installation into laminated countertops. Lifetime warranties for the original owner accompany all their sinks and one-year warranties are included with their accessories.

Another company with an A+ grade from the BBB is in our fourth spot. Kraus was established in New York in 2007 and since then, has amassed over 10,000 ReviewMeta reviews. All of which combine for an impressive 4.4 out of 5 star rating.

Known for their expansive line of undermount kitchen sinks, Kraus offers top-mount and farmhouse styles as well. They stand out due to their versatile sink models that can be mounted in more than one configuration. Reversible farmhouse sinks are even available.

Their lineup of workstation sinks include large basin sinks that come with a disposer and accessories. Kraus backs all of their sinks with a limited lifetime warranty and a year-long warranty on their accessories. They’re one of a small number of sink manufacturers that offer warranties on commercial products as well.

The very popular Kohler is next up on our list. 160 kitchen sink variations are for sale on their website. If you happen to be shopping at any kitchen sink retailer right now, there’s likely a Kohler product very nearby. They manufacture all things kitchen and bath related, including lighting. If matching product designs throughout your kitchen is important to you, look no further.

The company has been around since 1873 and the Village of Kohler, Wisconsin is built around their plant. They offer sinks in several different materials, but their focus is on stainless steel and enameled cast iron sinks. Neoroc is their composite product. It’s available in a number of styles and color variations.

They have a full line of commercial products available, and all of their residential sinks carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Allora may have what you need if you’re looking for something truly unique. They have a few composite material options, top-mount sinks and farmhouse style options as well. In fact, their farmhouse sinks are quite unique. But their selection of undermount stainless steel sinks is vast and varied. They’re number six on our list.

The stainless steel they use is never less than 300 series quality. They offer interesting stainless color options, including rose gold, and the company is proud of its large selection of ADA approved kitchen sinks along with their commercial lines as well.

Allora products are widely distributed throughout the United States and even internationally. A limited lifetime warranty comes with all of their residential kitchen sinks.

Nantucket Sinks is next on our list. They offer a selection of almost any kind of kitchen sink you can think of. Farmhouse, top-mount, undermount, classic, modern, single or multiple bowls are all available. All of their products are designed and produced in Italy and are sold in the U.S. at retailers like Lowe’s and Menards, or online.

Nantucket Sinks stand out for their bold and unique designs. Their Vineyard Collection offers a large range of sinks with patterns that range from floral scroll designs to wavy texture designs. And that’s just one of several collections they produce. You’ll find one you like that’ll be a centerpiece in any kitchen.

Everything they make comes with a warranty, but it can be confusing. Depending on materials, they range from lifetime warranties to five-year warranties.

Since 1875, American Standard products have been installed in every kind of kitchen. They’re available everywhere, and have earned a reputation for being reliable, if a bit simple in design. That said, they’re good at using similar designs among a range of materials to provide plenty of options.

American Standard produces kitchen and bath fixtures for both residential and commercial applications. Their residential kitchen sinks are built of stainless steel, fireclay or cast iron. Each material has its own warranty specifics. Stainless steel is the only material offered with a lifetime warranty. Undermount, top-mount and farmhouse styles are available. They currently don’t produce any three-bowl configurations.

Zuhne, headquartered in Houston, Texas, has been in business since 2013. The name and limited design options could lead one to believe that Zuhne is an expensive salon brand. Their reasonable pricing says otherwise. Although their affordable product line is small, it’s packed with diverse functionality.

ReviewMeta rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars, they offer stainless steel, copper, granite and fireclay kitchen sinks in one and two basin configurations. Zuhne is successful in creating useful variations that can only be found in their products, and they back every sink they make with a lifetime warranty.

The company also offers bar sinks, bath sinks and ADA approved products. Many kitchen sink purchases include a variety of accessories. Their products are available at several major retailers and are also for sale on their website.

Ruvati offers stainless steel, granite composite and fireclay kitchen sinks. They’re tenth on our list. What they lack in material selection, they make up for in useful design options. Their two-tier workstation models include everything needed to make your kitchen sink a fully functioning food prep station.

They’ve been around since 2009 and have earned an A+ rating with the BBB. Over 7,000 reviews average out to a 4.6 out of 5 star rating for them at ReviewMeta. Undermount, top-mount and farmhouse styles are all available, their products carry a lifetime limited warranty and can be found at many retailers both large and small.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so you’ll undoubtedly want a sink that fits in with your design. Therefore, choosing one that complements your kitchen while meeting any additional requirements, like size, material, installation and style, is essential.

Knowing what size is right for your space is important when deciding on a kitchen sink. Whether you want to clean a large batch of dishes easily or can’t fit your pots and pans under the sink, knowing what size is right for your space is important. Kitchen sinks come in all shapes and sizes, including single-bowl, under-mount and side-by-side configurations. However, the depth of the entire sink and the counter underneath will impact your final decision. A standard measurement recommendation is 27″ long by 19″ wide by 7″ deep, but that can easily be adjusted if you have a tiny kitchen.

Your kitchen sink is one of the most important parts of your kitchen installation. It’s where you wash dishes and do countless other things, so it’s worth investing in a high-quality sink that will stand the test of time. The most popular material for kitchen sinks is stainless steel, which is prized for its durability, resistance to scratching and denting, and versatility. There are, however, plenty of other materials to choose from, such as cast iron, copper, granite and fireclay. 

It can be exciting when you find the right sink for your kitchen. However, one crucial thing to consider before you buy is the installation procedure for the type of sink you selected. 

For instance, drop-in sinks are the easiest to install since you place them into a hole cut into the countertop, while undermount sinks are attached below the countertop creating a flat, seamless appearance. Farmhouse sinks have their fronts exposed, replacing the cabinetry and making a unique statement.

When it comes to kitchen sinks, you want something that suits your lifestyle. From a simple, classic style to a more modern design, the kitchen sink types are endless, and the best option depends entirely on your needs. However, the most common kitchen sinks are single and double basins. 

Single basin sinks are the most popular, allowing you to work with a greater surface area. So if you use a lot of pots and pans daily, a single-basin sink will be perfect for your kitchen. On the other hand, double basin kitchen sinks let you wash your dishes more efficiently and can be customized to fit almost any space. Depending on your needs, you can opt for equal-sized basins or one small and one large basin. Not to mention, a triple sink design also exists if you have an even larger kitchen. It depends on what kitchen sink will fit your space and your family’s needs.

Purchasing a new kitchen sink is not an everyday experience for most of us. Experiencing uncertainty about which brand might be best for your situation is common. Here are some guidelines to follow to ensure confidence in your decision.

Whether preparing meals or washing up afterwards, your kitchen sink plays a vital role. Be sure it’s up to the task. When deciding which brand of sink is best for you, consider how you most often use your sink and find a brand dedicated to meeting that need. Do you need it for preparing large meals, washing daily dishes, scrubbing large pots and pans or all of the above?

Will your family’s kitchen sink needs be changing in the foreseeable future? Now is a good time to make sure your sink can adapt to meet those needs. Some sink brands are excellent at meeting long-term basic needs, while others offer versatility and accessories you may find desirable now or in the future.

The countertops in your kitchen may be a factor as well. Not all brands produce sinks that are compatible with all types of countertops. Alternatively, you may find some integrated sink and countertop combinations that catch your attention.

In some cases, a long warranty isn’t much more than a selling point. Carefully read the manufacturer’s warranty terms specific to the sink you’re considering purchasing. A short warranty that covers any damage without question may be better than a long warranty that doesn’t cover common sink issues. A solid warranty most often means the company is certain that their products will continue to uphold their good reputation for them.

A good sink is important for a well-functioning kitchen. However, it only makes up a small part of an entire kitchen remodeling budget. A designer brand, hand built, fully insulated kitchen sink with every possible accessory is nice, but might not be worth the extra cost if those things aren’t absolutely necessary.

A good strategy is to choose a price range you’re comfortable with and aim for a brand that offers several options that reflect those dollar amounts.

Some kitchen sink brands have more specialty options than others. If your sink has to serve a specific purpose, or needs to be just the right color or style to define your kitchen, seek out brands that meet those needs. Whether you’re looking for a high-functioning stainless steel model or a designer hand-finished model, you’re likely to find a company that builds one to fit your requirements.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the brand of kitchen sink that’s right for you. Luckily, every homeowner has at least one. There are plenty of reviews and much word-of-mouth information available that you can use to help with your decision. Asking around and checking reviews will give you an idea of what can be expected from various kitchen sink makers.

Every customer has unique needs. Keep in mind that the length of time a company has been in business has little to do with whether they can meet your specific needs.

To determine the best kitchen sink brands ranking, the Forbes Home Improvement editorial team analyzed third-party data on 19 major products, with each product’s star rating determined by evaluating a variety of metrics, including:

Every kitchen faucet brand was evaluated on how many material options it offered, including stainless steel, copper, Silgranit or composite, granite, stone, quarts, fireclay, ceramic or cast iron.

The editorial team evaluated each brand’s lowest and highest-priced models to get a sense of the breadth of price points as well as overall affordability.

Each faucet brand’s sink installation options, including undermount, drop-in and farmhouse/apron style, awarded or lost a brand points.

If each faucet brand offered lifetime warranty on at least one of their models, they were awarded points up to 10% of the total ranking.

Each faucet brand’s sink configuration options, including double and triple bowl, were accounted for and gained a brand points if options were available.

The editorial team also analyzed each faucet brand’s BBB grade and accreditation to assess overall health of the brands as well as customer ratings.

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The best kitchen sink brand is the one that meets your specific needs. Our review labels the Houzer brand as the best one to meet the largest number of common needs. Depending on your unique situation, others on our list may be better suited to your needs.

The most commonly found kitchen sink size is 30 inches wide by 7 to 8 inches deep. It’s probably the most common because it’s generally the least expensive and has been produced for a long time. In modern kitchens and many newly constructed homes, you’re likely to find sinks that are two to three  inches deeper and at least three inches wider.

The most popular sink material is stainless steel because it is durable and can withstand scratches. Still, other materials like granite, cast iron coated with enamel and fireclay are also popular nowadays. Your choice of sink material merely depends on your kitchen’s style, budget and personal preferences.

The terms farmhouse sink and apron sink are often described as being interchangeable. Farmhouse sinks are deep and wide sinks that most often have an exposed front side called an apron. Apron sinks can have more standard dimensions that wouldn’t be considered farmhouse-style sinks, but they’re quite rare.

You’ll usually find both terms being used when looking for one or the other. Some manufacturers and kitchen contractors prefer one term over the other.

A well-made kitchen sink will last 20 to 30 years with regular use and care.

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Best Kitchen Sink Brands Of September 2023 – Forbes Home

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